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Engine overhaul is usually imposed by manufacturers of engine (engine) or authorized
repairers (MRO) following alerts transmitted by aircraft. Companies are looking to
postpone revisions that require engine removal and disrupt flights. They also seek
to maximize the use of limited-life parts that are very expensive to replace.
Flightwatching will reduce the number of revisions and thus reduce maintenance costs
for both airlines and engine / MRO: planning routine maintenance based on remote
diagnostic algorithms that will detect early wear and repel aircraft alerts.

At FlightWatching, we combine our data visualization, analytics,
and software development—with the expertise of our industrial
partners. The result is enormous savings in development time
and resources for FlightWatching’s partners and a proven
industrial grade software platform that delivers value to partners
and their end customers.

29 May 2017 in Homepage-reduce-costs

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