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FLIGHTWATCHING Tools for aeronautical preventive maintenance.Established in April 2013 at the Midi-Pyrénées Incubator, these products were of great interest to professionals during the last MRO show held in London last September, with Flight Watching having participated with some 30 regional Maintenance under the aegis of Midi-Pyrénées Expansion, (MEP). It was through their experience at the Airbus tests that they imagined bringing innovation to aeronautical maintenance. Overall, the tools available to MROs are relatively less advanced than those deployed by Airbus in the FAL A380 or A350. With WILCO Mobile App, the idea is to equip aircraft maintenance operators with a pro tablet that lists the tasks to be performed, the checklist, connected in real time with the remote expert technician in charge of monitoring the progress of the work. The idea is to provide a tool for collaborative dialogue between the MCC, the only maintenance control center authorized to authorize the departure of the aircraft and the operator on the runway by minimizing the sources of delay. The paper documentation is today the basic document of the operators. With WILCO, the delay due to maintenance operations would be reduced by I09b. "The product is in the evaluation phase at a maintenance operator in order to quantify the real gain," reports Olivier Ho Dac. The second tool is for MCC experts who will be able to supervise the maintenance of the fleet, read on screen the history of the interventions, the tasks to be accomplished, send the mechanics the checklist in order to prepare the interventions well before the arrival of the Plane on the runway. The solution is being validated.These software tools work with simple internet browsers, the level of security being adjusted by the customer, the airline which can opt for exclusively internal access. Flight Watching plans to market its rental tools hosted in the cloud or the client's servers. The first sales are expected next year. In the company's wallet, the 3rd product consists of a prototype housing that allows the telemetry of aircraft systems to the ground via the satellite antenna on board. Interest, expanding telemetry in flight systems to planes to deliver anywhere in the world that could interest aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers.The labeling by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is envisaged. It remains to find a way of financing ideally with a partner aircraft manufacturer or system. "Equipping flight tests would make it possible to have a reference from the airlines". Both creators are actively pursuing product development. Flight Watching is guaranteed to be funded until the spring of 2015. The company was successively selected to the Competition for the creation of an innovative company in the category project emerging in 2012 with the support of their employer and the same contest this time in Established in 2013. Flight Watching is a member of the Entreprendre and Aerospace Valley network.

1 November 2013 in Press release

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