Our Product : WILCO

fleet preventive maintenance

  • Reduce Unscheduled workload
  • Confidence Factor assessment
  • Detection of erosion and wear
  • Remaining Useful Life alerts

system health monitoring

  • Brand your health moniting solution with your data
  • Reduce No Fault Founds
  • Get preventive alerts by email
  • Start troubleshooting procedure during flight while the aircraft is in the conditions of the fault

APU fuel save

  • Monitor APU usage on ground
  • Provide recommendations for lowest carbon emission power sources
  • Get Real-time dashboards for fuel savings and carbon emissions

APUPredictive Maintenance

  • Scheduled removals to optimize power section potentiel
  • Control maintenance costs and avoid "Beyond Economoic Repair"
  • Maximize APU availability


Our team

Jean-Philippe BeaujardOperations

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Romain BlanquetBusiness Development

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Maddie Trzeciakowska.Platform Expert

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